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“Bando Beej & Gleechie are bringing back Drill Music”

Bando Beej & associate Gleechie release the visual to “Hellen Keller” directed by Nue Icon. These two have collaborated together frequently on several of Bando Beej’s projects most notably “Act Out” ft. Lil Deebo. We’ve also come across some other youtube videos starring the two such as songs like “Kick Ass” with Guwop Gumbo which has over 100,000 views to date.

Bando Beej has been working with Gleechie for some time now but we believe that “Hellen Keller” is their best recording thus far. The song consists of the two going back & forth trading hardcore punchlines over a Detroit styled beat. Although these artist have two completely different styles this song came together so nicely because of the consistency of it’s topics, usually when upcoming artists go back & forth on songs it could get a bit confusing because it’s hard to tell who’s actually rapping and the topic of the song usually ends up bouncing all over the place.

As for Bando Beej we hope to see more consistency in his releasing of music videos, perhaps it may be time to release a project. Hopefully he & Gleechie could deliver give us another solid record. Follow the two artists on instagram @bandobeej & @geewondadon

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