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Natural Diamond or Moissanite? GDG LTD is betting on Moissanite with best prices on Gemstones Market

Want to buy a $100 moissanite online instead of a real $ 3K diamond?

GOODEALCOMPANY LTD is betting on Moissanite.
The company has managed to sell 100 carats of stone per week with total customer satisfaction.
The CEO declares “we would never have achieved such a result without the collaboration of industry experts and people dedicated to work every day”.

These are some reasons why you should consider purchasing our moissanite stones (link on “our moissanite stones” : Here ) rather than diamond.

Each stone is accompanied by a certificate that identifies the individual stone by serial number applied with laser on a moissanite crown.

Price of Moissanite vs Diamond
Price is by far the biggest benefit you can use when comparing moissanite and diamond.
Many people would rather opt for a moissanite engagement ring especially when they are running on a low budget.
For Example a 2.00 great moissanite stone costs only 50£ !!

Moissanite stones tend to be very durable and sturdy considering they are made of silicon carbide. However, diamond is harder than moissanite even though they both have similar durability. What is even more fascinating is the fact that they are both resistant to breaking or chipping and hence you will always get good value for your money regardless of the option you choose to go with.

1.Hardness: Diamond can be called the hardest substance in nature, so the diamond hardness tester will leave marks on the surface of Mosangite …

2. Specific Gravity: The weight of Moissanite is lighter than that of diamond. The proportion of diamond is 3.52, while the proportion of Moissanite is only 3.22 …

3.Refractive index: Moissanite has birefringence, so it is not difficult to observe the double image of Moissanite ridgeline and bottom point, and then change the observation angle …

4. Fire color: When it comes to fire color, you have to praise Mozambique. Mozambique’s fire color is 2.4 times higher than that of diamond. Compared with Mozanne and …

5. Cutting: Most of the cut Mossex stones have rounded edges, which is completely different from diamonds with sharp edges

For more visit the in Moissanite section.

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