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Ralcon LLC Gives Second Chance to Skilled Construction Workers

Ralcon is an LLC focused on all phases of construction, from residential to commercial, with a culture dedicated to detail. Their services include full renovations, remodels, kitchen and bath design and remodeling, load bearing wall reconfiguration, additions and enclosures, new custom home design, and construction.


What a lot of people don’t know is that Ralcon gives second chances to those who have made mistakes in their lives. They are willing to hire people with a criminal background who are struggling to find work. 

“It is important to offer those who made a mistake a second chance. Giving them work will help them function better in society and live a good life outside of the prison system. We give them hope — hope of being successful and living a stable life with income,” says Ralcon Owner, Ramon Soto.

Previously incarcerated individuals want the same things as everyone else; that is, to be able to support themselves and pursue life goals. According to the prison Policy Initiative in 2018, over 5 million unemployed individuals were formerly incarcerated in the US, and their unemployment rate is 27%. This number is higher than the unemployment rate during any other historical period in the US, including the Great Depression. 

These individuals want to work, but they face many barriers and roadblocks to securing jobs, which has negative consequences. The unemployment rate of previously-incarcerated individuals is five times higher than the general unemployment rate in the US, and within the first two years of their release, that rate is the highest.  Post-release is a critical time for these people, as steady employment helps prevent recidivism (the tendency to reoffend) and integrates them back into society. Reintegrating back into society is filled with challenges like finding housing, support for addiction and mental health issues, and employment. Consequently, this demographic has a high rate of drug overdose, cardiovasucal disease, homicide, and suicide. 

Gainful employment helps formerly incarcerated individuals gain economic stability after release and reduces the likelihood of them returning to prison. In their article “Formerly Incarcerated People Want to Work,” Lucius Couloute and Daniel Kopf assert that, “Their high unemployment rate reflects public will, policy, and practice — not differences in aspirations.” 

Prior research has shown that those with criminal backgrounds face discrimination. Even when employers express willingness to hire those with such a background, evidence has shown that former convictions reduce applicants’ chances of being called back by an employer by 50%. When individuals with a criminal record do land jobs, those jobs are generally the lowest-paying positions, which puts those employees below the poverty line. 

Race and gender also play a role in who gets a good job with a sizable income. Studies showed that formerly-incarcerated white men are more likely to obtain full-time positions, whereas Black women usually receive part-time or temporary/seasonal jobs. People of color face higher unemployment rates than those who are White. 

Other evidence shows that previously-incarcerated people are actually more active in the labor market than their general public peers. About 93.3% are either looking for employment or are employed, compared to 83.8% of the public with no criminal background. This statistic alone shows that formerly-incarcerated people want to work. 

Ralcon’s mission is to provide excellent workmanship, service, safety, and quality. By giving these previously-convicted individuals the skills and opportunity to succeed, Ralcon is also giving their business a chance to flourish. 

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