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Matt Vano, a photographer from the Bay Area, never pictured himself getting into this field from the start. He actually started off working on a Netflix show that filmed only 5 minutes down the road from where he lived. In his own words “I always had a passion for film or photography and once I heard about this opportunity I knew I had to try to work on it” and he did. He ended up working as a Stand-in, which is someone who stands in for camera angles, where he was surround by cameras everyday.

This made him more familiar with cameras and how they worked while at the same time saving up money to buy a camera he really desired. From there he ended meeting more and more people from referrals and made it an actual job taking portraits. He was doing something he loved and at the same time wanted to expand his horizons and took a step to move to Los Angeles where he knew he would find more work. In a city where there’s actors, singers, dancers, there’s always someone wanting to book a shoot.

When the pandemic hit it wasn’t easy for him but he soon got lucky enough to get hired at creator house where he would have a steady income. He’s still out doing portraits when he can and at the end of it is just happy he can do something while having fun with it too.

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