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Clinic Director of Revolution New Medicine, Dr. Keith Nemec, Receives Certification in Fertility Treatment Through The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is the most complete fertility treatment; addressing body, mind, brain and emotions. 

Carol Stream, IL, 30th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Dr. Keith Nemec, the Clinic Director of Revolution New Medicine has completed his certification in fertility treatment through the American Academy of anti-aging medicine. Dr. Nemec, who has helped thousands receive their health back over the last 40 years, including many couples, that could not conceive and have a child states:

“If a couple cannot conceive and have a baby yet, it is seen as good news because that is a warning sign that the level of health of mother, father, or both is not at the level to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Too many couples bring children into the world when they aren’t really healthy enough themselves to optimize their future children. If the wife and husband have inflammation, and toxicity indicators or have significant stressors on the system this does not set up an ideal environment to bring forth a healthy baby mentally, emotionally and physically.”

It’s important to understand all the stressors upon the system and correct the stressors before a couple tries to have a child.

Dr. Nemec states, “It is common sense to remove all stress from the system, physically, mentally and emotionally so that the environment that the developing fetus will grow in is one that is extremely conducive to health in body, mind and emotions. This is far better than trying to just produce a physical body for the sake of having a baby yet that baby enters the world compromised, either mentally, emotionally or physically, or a combination of all of them.

The center for disease control states that infertility is 1/3 female issues, 1/3 male issues and 1/3 combined issues between the two or to simplify it’s 50% the female issue and 50% the male issue.

According to the research, psychological stress is the number one cause of infertility in the United States. There are four stressors that can produce a less than optimal environment for the developing baby:

  1. Psychological.
  2. Emotional
  3. Metabolic
  4. Oxidative

Psychological stress is by far the most major form of stress. It comes from the mind. It comes from personality, beliefs systems, attitudes and perceptions. It is said that you are a product of your early environment because that environment shaped your nervous system, your brain, your thoughts and your mind.

When we do our 3-D brain imaging on patients at Revolution New Medicine which is a part of our Nemec New Medicine ® MBEB Protocol we can see subconscious and conscious stress programs, which get stored in the brain tissue and show up with very specific brainwave patterns. This is the most important indicator of chronic stress, because if the brain is emanating frequencies of stress imbalance, then it will send messages and electromagnetic frequencies to all the cells of the body broadcasting the present and chronic stress. This is a high alert. It’s like an alarm that goes off at the fire station that always stimulates action, which includes the stress hormone production. The problem is when your body secretes stress hormones being in a state of high alert it is not in a state to produce a pregnancy, and bring forth a baby.

Most American couples that are younger and trying to have a baby are significantly stressed out just by the world around them. Now combined that with stored stress programs on the hard drive of their brain, this magnifies the stress, a hundredfold.

If you have a stress program, playing on the hard drive of your brain, emanating frequencies to all the cells of the body, telling them to run away from a lion then the patient is in danger mode. The body’s physiology absolutely does not want to shift into a parasympathetic dominant mode to conceive, and bring forth a healthy baby.

The problem in America is that oftentimes Americans won’t take no for an answer, so a young couple that cannot conceive forces the issue by seeking infertility counseling, which usually leads to infertility drugs all the way up to in vitro fertilization.

What do you think your great grandmother would say about this? “Honey, this just isn’t natural, it’s not the way it was meant to be.” When we force a body to become pregnant by artificially induced medications and techniques, and if you are to get pregnant; this is when the patient is on shaky ground because they’re going against the natural course. Patients simply are forcing a pregnancy and if the patient conceives and gives birth, chances are the child will be compromised in some way or the parents will be compromised in some way because of the drain of the pregnancy.

For over 40 years a Revolution New Medicine has completely removed all the sources of stress on the human body. When we do this for both the mother to be AND the father to be, the most amazing thing happens; the woman gets pregnant, has a normal pregnancy, gives birth to a very healthy, happy and balanced baby and she herself is not drained.

Over these 40 years, we have seen numerous couples get pregnant when they could not previously and even with all the artificial interventions, they still could not, and that was definitely to their advantage so they would not compromise the baby or the mother. These same couples, under our care to remove the chronic stressors in their mind and body, have not only given birth to multiple extremely healthy babies, but what we have noted over these years for those that already had numerous children before coming to Revolution New Medicine is this:

The children that are born after being on our program versus the ones before being on our program as one mother stated who had already had eight children before coming to Revolution New Medicine. When her system was balanced, and she conceived, went into pregnancy and delivery, and then raised the children after reducing all stressors in the system at Revolution New Medicine, the response was: “Since being on this program my children are more neurologically advanced. They are more alert, they sit up much sooner, they are stronger. They learn much faster overall. They are the healthiest children they have ever had and they did not have unhealthy children before, but what they were stating was these children had a significant advantage which they wished the prior children also had.”

What was the advantage?

To reduce the stress programming in the system prior to becoming pregnant.

So, if for any patient thinking about having a child, for the child’s sake, the couple must become very balanced, very healthy and very stress resilient BEFORE they try to conceive.

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