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Deflationary Carbonless Token Healing the World with Tokenization

Ontario, Canada, 20th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Deflationary Carbonless Token taps into the latent power of human psychology by leveraging a balance of competition and collaboration. A burn structure of 18% is distributed to various ecosystem actors, ensuring a gamified  approach  that incentivizes community members to take actions that best benefit the global environment. Built on the Binance ecosystem, Deflationary Carbonless Token enables users to transact with one another from anywhere in the world for near-zero fees.

The Deflationary Carbonless Token rewards users with passive income for simply holding the token. It additionally empowers the community with periodic token burns, thereby enforcing the deflationary mechanism of the project’s namesake. As the global economy grows more complex and demands ever-greater energy, Deflationary Carbonless Token shows the world that blockchain and cryptocurrency represent part of the solution rather than the problem, all while delivering financial freedom to users worldwide.

Healing the Planet

The world stands ready for rapid social, financial, and environmental change. This bold statement represents the core ethos of Deflationary Carbonless Token as we seek to foster greater financial inclusion while healing the world. We believe that the root cause of social inequality and unmitigated pollution stem directly from a lack of equal access to financial services. Antiquated financial systems worldwide disallow the average person from accessing the financial resources needed to build sustainable businesses. Because of this lack of access, countless viable ideas go unactualized, leading to a negative feedback loop.

This siloed financial system results in a world where the global economy does not reflect the average individual’s needs. Additionally, this disconnected framework entails unmitigated social and environmental costs. Let’s take just one example of how this disconnect ultimately amplifies negative outcomes for people and the environment.

Humanity collectively discards 44.7 metric tons of electronic and electrical equipment waste each year. Much of this waste ends up in underdeveloped regions of the world in which there exists no prescient regulation to dictate the processing of these materials. Subsequently, much of this waste ends up burned to extract copper and other valuable metals, resulting in unprecedented levels of environmental destruction and compromising human health, all for a comparatively paltry financial return. Nevertheless, tens of thousands of people endure these horrendous living and working conditions due to the lack of financial alternatives .

This seemingly thoughtless economic configuration represents a fundamentally unsustainable situation. As humanity achieves greater levels of technological advancement, thoughtful applications of said technology must mitigate outstanding environmental, social, and economic issues. Deflationary Carbonless Token empowers users with an alternative. Like how collective bargaining helped workers in the early 1900s more easily identify the issues that most readily needed addressing, digital financial cooperation unlocks the long tail of human innovation, capital, and knowledge. Together we are using these tools to build a better world, lift others out of poverty, and heal the planet.

Why Us?

To understand how Deflationary Carbonless Token offsets emissions, we first must explore the concept of tokenization. Digital assets have seen unprecedented levels of capital inflows due to the powerful differentiating capacity of this technology. Users don’t only want to speculate – countless teams are actively exploring how tokenized configurations can facilitate revolutionary incentives for human action. Tokenization is the process of taking existing business or social activity and applying a new, blockchain-based token to incentives surrounding that activity.

Tokenization serves as one of the most immediately identifiable aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency. NBA Top Shots took the world by storm in 2021, successfully tokenizing the classic concept of baseball cards. Visa recently purchased an exclusive and highly-coveted tokenized image to diversify its investment portfolio. The interest in tokenization rises from the ability to gamify and more clearly identify existing interactions and optimize the flow of value therein.

Deflationary Carbonless Token leverages the concept of tokenization in several ways. Before discussing on-chain incentives of the protocol-native CRL token, we will explore how Deflationary Carbonless Token gets its namesake by offsetting pollution and carbon emissions. The Deflationary Carbonless Token team is actively exploring existing carbon offset options and greenification services. These existing entities have made great strides in materially offsetting carbon emissions while also communicating to the public regarding this process’s importance. In this manner, the social proof for greenifying carbon emissions exists in these established entities.

The Deflationary Carbonless Token team believes in not reinventing the wheel but rather improving upon existing innovations. Subsequently, the growing list of potential green energy and greenification partners represents the ability to thoughtfully diversify the Deflationary Carbonless Token portfolio with an array of green offsetting assets. In this way, Deflationary Carbonless Token represents a carefully balanced index of offsetting tools, giving users the ability to use the CRL token as a dynamically curated allocation to greenification companies while also hedging the protocol’s business risk.

Deflationary Carbonless Token Tokenomices

The native Deflationary Carbonless Token, CRL, is built on the Binance Smart Chain. By leveraging the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem’s scalability, Deflationary Carbonless Token maintains the throughput to serve all future potential customers with near-zero transactional friction. The accessibility of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem entails deep liquidity for the Deflationary Carbonless Token ecosystem and presents the opportunity for significant partnerships as the platform develops.

The CRL Token Sale

There is a maximum token supply of 2.5 trillion (2,500,000,000,000) CRL tokens, with a soft cap of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) CRL tokens at the time of protocol launch. If the soft cap of tokens is not hit during the sale, then users can either redeem their purchased CRL tokens or redeem the tokens they used to purchase CRL during the sale period. The CRL Token Sale.

Alternatively, if the sale surpasses the soft cap, all CRL tokens purchased by users automatically distribute to their wallets. The sale will last for four months, at which time users can use BNB, BUSD, or USDT to purchase any amount of CRL tokens from the sale pool. Users that purchase more than 10 million (10,000,000) CRL tokens from the sale will receive a bonus of 4% in the form of additional CRL tokens.

CRL Token Redistribution Events

One of the main features of the CRL token is the token redistribution that occurs each time a user sells their tokens or moves them to a new address. A total of 18% of each respective transaction is automatically burned by the protocol in such events and algorithmically rerouted to respective destinations. From this redistribution, 10% goes to the contract owner. This process ensures sufficient funds for the development of the protocol over time. This allocation will be used to develop additional features, community events, charitable donations, and other activities that benefit the wider Deflationary Carbonless Token community.

Additionally, 5% of the token redistribution amount gets algorithmically distributed to CRL token holder’s pro-rata. This functionality means that the more CRL tokens a respective user holds in their wallet, the greater number of CRL tokens they’ll receive with each token distribution event. Holders that calculate their transactions can ensure that they hold enough CRL tokens and for long enough to offset the cost of redistributions when they transact using CRL tokens.

From the remaining 3% of CRL tokens allocated to each redistribution event, 2% are automatically burned. The process of burning CRL tokens with each redistribution event serves to inject a uniform deflation of the CRL token total supply. As time passes, a shrinking number of CRL tokens will be burned. However, the proportional value of each CRL token will theoretically rise due to these burn events. This process thereby ensures that while a declining number of CRL tokens burn with each redistribution event, a relatively stable amount of CRL token value continues to burn throughout the life of the protocol. This deflationary schedule, from which Deflationary Carbonless Token derives part of its namesake, facilitates a powerful, multifaceted value add for CRL token holders.

Finally, the remaining 1% of redistributed CRL tokens are automatically allocated to the CRL/BNB liquidity pool. Half of the CRL tokens derived from this portion are sold for BNB and paired with the remaining CRL tokens, which are then used to replenish the pool. This component of the redistributive process ensures that sufficient liquidity in the primary trading pool for the CRL token will always exist. So long as users transact using the CRL token, additional units of CRL and BNB will accrue in the pool, facilitating deep liquidity and minimizing the market impact of individual trades.

The Important of Liquidity

Market depth remains a crucial component of any investment. In basing the Deflationary Carbonless Token platform’s liquidity optimization process on successful industry models, the platform sufficiently protects the liquidity of users’ investment. Over time, user incentives to add tokens to the liquidity pool can wane, leaving all holders’ investments exposed to significant slippage. By algorithmically redirecting liquidity to the pool, Deflationary Carbonless Token ensures the long-term sustainability of the platform.

Without this liquidity  injection derived from transactional redistribution, the overall value of the CRL token retains a lower probability of success. This probability is due to the otherwise lack of volume into which investors can offload their positions. With Deflationary Carbonless Token’s redistribution schedule, any individual offloading their tokens directly acts as a partial counterparty to their market activity. In this way, Deflationary Carbonless Token successfully protects the long-term interests of the community while ensuring the sustainability of the platform. This functionality meshes flawlessly with the platform’s ethos of minimizing unsustainable economic activity across the board and fostering social good for all global communities.

Carbonless Token Team

-Tony Dale – CEO

Tony Dale boasts a decade of experience in global supply chain management in his home nation of Singapore. He has significant entrepreneurial experience, having built several successful startups focusing on diverse issues, including student accommodation issues and human resource management. In addition to this rich experience, Tony is a venture capitalist standing at the intersection of blockchain technology and sustainable development. Having invested in carbon credit offsets and cryptocurrency for many years, Tony maintains a deep interest in how these emerging technologies can positively impact our natural environment.

-Jey Jeyam – Sales and Development

Jey Jeram is a network specialist with a decade of experience. Having worked for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Jey is deeply familiar with building and maintaining networks while remaining conscious of the nimble flexibility required to adapt on the job. Jey’s passion for sustainable technology and cryptocurrency makes him the perfect individual to help position Deflationary Carbon Token as a force for environmental and social good.

-Saj Ram – Chief Business Officer

Saj Ram is a passionate automobile enthusiast and entrepreneur. With over fifteen years of experience running several auto garages in his home nation of Canada, Saj maintains a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful company. Having cultivated rich industry experience along with a penchant for electric vehicles, Saj’s voice serves as an important force in the intersection of the automotive industry and sustainable technology.


Environmental degradation remains one of the most significant threats to our planet. As technology evolves, greater proportions of humanity face the potential of being left behind by the asymmetries this progress creates. As the greatest victims of the rising caliber of environmental impacts, this segment of the human population often maintains the least efficacy over mitigating these forces. Subsequently, the responsibility of offsetting the environmental degradation associated with this technological progress rests on those who readily use it.

Deflationary Carbonless Token takes this commitment incredibly seriously and occupies the crucial intersection of sustainable activity focused on mitigating environmentally harmful actions and the rise of decentralized finance. The antifragility afforded by these industries presents the greatest opportunity for fostering a financial culture focused on humanity and sustainability over pure profit at the expense of sustainable wealth generation.

The low friction transaction environment provided by Deflationary Carbonless Token allows any global user to easily interface with the CRT token. Deflationary Carbonless Token facilitates sustainable financial incentives for users to hold the token and provide it liquidity by reallocating a set percentual amount of each transaction. The redistributive structure of Deflationary Carbonless Token ensures deep liquidity and perpetual incentives for users.

Deflationary Carbonless Token curates a socially verified carbon offsetting assets portfolio by utilizing proceeds of the token sale and revenue generated from investment activity. This process serves as one of the first endeavors to tokenize a basket of verified carbon offsetting assets. In this way, Deflationary Carbonless Token helps create further social proof for offsetting carbon emissions. As the world evolves in dynamic ways, the need for greenification will only continue to intensify. Deflationary Carbonless Token stands ready to grow the health of our community, our environment, and our future.

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