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EGW Academy Hits Record High, Considers Forward Split

EGW Academy’s coins called EGWA, the crypto educational offshoot of EGW Capital, has touched an all-time high of US $21.48 on strong crypto markets and overall positive developments for its Blockchain academic business. The EGW academy has added another 15,568 students this week, thus crossing the 67,000 students mark under two months of its trial run. The revenue has now soared to the US $3.3 million. The direct marketing of EGW Academy is paying an excellent return to the business.

The market cap of EGW Academy has crossed the US $500 million (Rs. 3,754 crores) mark, which is just 40% less than the current market cap of its parent company EGW Capital. The educational arm of EGW Capital is gaining ground in the flourishing crypto markets and may thrive further as more students wish to learn about Blockchain. 

EGW Academy is also considering a forward split to lower the price of its coin. As per the insiders, the company may split in the ratio of 1:1000. This means any person who owns 1 EGWA coin will receive new 1000 coins. Assuming the current price of EGWA is the US $20, the new price of the coin will be the US $0.02. The company has, however, not provided any information on the new circulating supply. 

“A lower entry price will make the order book more liquid and will allow more students and investors to buy and hold EGWA coins, ” said Saru Sharma, crypto blogger. 

Comparing performances, EGW Capital lost nearly 43% in value in the last six months, whereas EGW Academy rose 2,394%. EGW Academy’s rise is meteoric and is now planning to debut on the retail crypto exchange, maybe Binance.

EGW Academy has an exciting business model where a student who completes its certification receives its fee back in EGWA coins. The US $49.99 certification will soon be rolled out in India, Vietnam, and Brazil. The company is looking to add a million students by the end of 2021, eyeing a revenue of US $50 million in the first year of its business operations. Achieving such revenue numbers may make the company another educational unicorn.

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