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Ekol International Hospitals in İzmir, Turkey founded by BAZ Group of Companies, continues to be the most preffered health care provider by the Irish and British Citizens.

Ekol International Hospitals, founded in 2007 by BAZ Group of Companies in İzmir, was at first an E.N.T. Hospital being the first and biggest branch hospital of Europe in those years. In the following years, the successful surgery results and satisfied patients helped the institution grow each day, making it a general hospital with its 170-bed-capacity and +70 physicians consisting of Professors, Associate Professors and specialist surgeons.


Ekol International Hospitals keeps the title of “COVID FREE HOSPITAL” since there are no covid-19 cases detected in the institution. All the precautions are taken against the pandemic and high standard sterilizations are performed 2 times a day. The staff and personnel are also tested regularly and they work with the awareness of hygiene standards.


Internationally Certified and Patient Oriented!

Certified by International Independent Institutions, Ekol International Hospitals has all the necessary certificates and approvals in the fields of hygiene, patient satisfaction, quality management and information security. Ekol International Hospitals’ Quality Management and Patient Satisfaction Department is 7/24 accessible in order to help patients and our guests about their experience within the Ekol Health Campus.

 “Smart Room Technology” in Every Patient Room

The patient rooms at EKOL Hospitals are furnished with the latest and most modern equipment on the basis of “smart room technology” in order to answer the patients’ demands by meeting their expectations as the region’s biggest hospital.

Serving in 28 medicine branches such as General Surgery, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, E.N.T, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Urology, Paediatry, Internal Diseases and many more, Ekol International Hospitals is mostly preferred by Irish and British patients in the fields of Bariatric Surgeries, Aesthetic Surgeries, Dentistry and Hair Transplantation.

“Our rooms are furnished with the newest technology in order to meet the expectations of our patients. Each room has it is own en-suite bathroom, fridge, LCD TV with International Channels, a second bed for the companion, armchairs for the guests, Wireless Internet Connection, Internal Telephone line, individual air-conditioning and nurse call buttons. We also provide a welcome pack to our patients which includes small things that they might need during their stay in our hospital like tooth brush, tooth paste, pyjamas, shower gels, shaving kits and slippers also a small gift as a souvenir from the hospital and the city of İzmir.” stated ,the founder of Ekol Hospitals, Dr.Mehmet BAZ.

More Than 350 Overseas Patients Monthly!

The feature of welcoming +350 Overseas Patients monthly makes Ekol International Hospitals the biggest Medical & Health Tourism Provider in its region and Turkey with the highest satisfaction rate of %99,9 proven by the surveys that have been conducted by the independent agencies.

The patients from the United Kingdom and Ireland are commenting on the services very positively and reporting their satisfaction about both the fast and smooth service they receive and the successful medical interventions and the patient oriented approach from each member of the staff including the nurses, caretakers, translators and surgeons.

Dr.Mehmet BAZ ,the founder of Ekol International Hospitals, states that they are proud to welcome patients from all around the World and adds “It makes us feel so good and proud to see patients from all around the world in our hospital. We are proud to give them the service they ask in the best way. Each patient of ours is very valuable to us and we make our best to make them feel at home.

International Patient Department Makes the Patients Feel Like Home

With the team of 30 members, the Ekol International Patients Department makes the whole process Safe, Secure and Simple for the patients and guests from abroad. Providing services such as translation, tourism organisations, hotel bookings, flight arrangements, private insurance assistance, personal assistance and care taking, The Ekol International Patients Department members always accompany the patients in each step of their journey by making them feel like home and safe.

Your Time and Health is Precious: No Waiting Time!

Ekol International Hospitals is aware how valuable your time and how precious your health is. That’s why there are no waiting lists for the operations and medical procedures that the patients are receiving. The Ekol International Patients Team organise the interventions and the whole journey according to your available dates and times by being flexible with bookings and operating hours. That’s why you will lose no time by getting the medical treatment you will need in order to regain your health in no time!

Your Journey with Ekol Hospitals is Safe, Simple and Secure

Thanks to the Ekol International Hospitals Surgeons, Nurses, Care Takers, Ekol International Patients Team and every other team member, the journey of our patients with us is Safe, Simple and Secure.

The patient oriented service mentality, the most modern equipment and devices, the state of the art technology units, the operation theatres, and the innovative service presentation make Ekol International Hospitals number one in their field and this makes patients rely on them with every single procedure and intervention they will receive in their Safe, Simple and Secure journey.

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