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How to create an app using templates?

If you want to create an app with an attractive interface, you have to work hard for it. It may take days, weeks, or even months to understand the concept and design of the app. To find layouts that suit all the screen is truly a difficult and challenging task. Because of clients’ high expectations developing app templates is getting difficult day by day.

Many sites provide you with amazing app templates. They are very helpful for you to create an app in an easy way by using the templates. They provide everything in their templates that will help you to make your business popular through your attractive app. You can easily download or buy these templates at a suitable price and make your apps with it.

There are following steps that you should be following for developing an app using templates:

  • Searching for a template: Firstly, you will need to search for the template. When you find a suitable site for your required template, you will need to sign in to the site to download the template and buy the license of authority. You will be provided with all the information, steps, and documentation that you will need to develop your app with that particular template.
  • Developing your chosen template: Before using the template, open the file directly from the android studio like IDE. This will load the template and download its dependencies. After all of this process is done, you have to press the keyword SHIFT+F10 to run the project. You will be displayed the running of the template.
  • Exploring your template: When you have download and run the template on your android studio or compiler you can now explore your template. Search for app source code makes some changes to develop it into your business app. For example, if you want to change the login display of the template into your business login page, you can go to LogInPageActivity class in the template and choose different kinds of login screens. You will see that editing the app source code of the template and making a new app is not so difficult. By using these templates you can create new login pages, different tabs, enlarge or make items small as you will add some additional features by drag and drop method, delete some features by swipe and cancel method. Furthermore, these templates can be polished by adding different text fields, buttons, status bars, panels, etc. So, developing an app using the templates is much easier and less costly than hiring a developer.
  • Arranging your template: In the end, you can compose the app template that you used by adding different customizations and color palettes. In the language of design, the makers are well-known of the fact that it expects to have primary, secondary and accent colors as these sites make these very easy.

By using templates of these sites, in just a few minutes you are able to manage and develop the app.

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