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How to plan a sports-themed birthday party

If your child loves sports, then a sports-themed birthday party is the way to go! From basketball to baseball to field hockey, you can customize the theme to suit your guest of honor’s preferences.


Save time and effort when sending party invitations online! Customize the party with all the small print and manage all your guests and their comments online. Include knowledge of what each person needs, such as date, time, location, etc. Once they join and get excited about the party, it’s time to relax!


Parties often have a multitude of sports themed gifts! Get the supplies you want for soccer gifts, baseball, and sports related gifts.


Sports-themed birthday celebrations require a lot of teamwork! Cover the walls around the party space with festive stickers and colored ribbons from your child’s favorite sport or team (it’s also fun to wrap some colored ribbons around each other and secure one end to the ceiling, thus securing the other end to the floor) colored “walls”). Choose solid-colored tablecloths, plates, etc., with a variety of sporting goods, baseball gloves and balls, nets stuffed with soccer balls.

The sports birthday celebration theme works well outdoors (in your yard or a nearby park), but you’ll also use the birthday celebration ideas for the indoor sports party decorations described here.

Start using your child’s favorite team’s colors because of the color scheme and hang a bunch of colorful balloons.

One of the easiest birthday celebration ideas is by painting your own sports balloons. For baseball, use a red pen to mark out the white balloons. For basketball, use a black pen to mark the orange balloon, for soccer, use a black pen to mark the white balloon, etc.

Cut out paper on soccer balls, bats, field hockey sticks, gloves, etc. Scatter various sports-related props and toys such as balls, gloves, sports cards, etc. in the party area. Hang posters of famous sports figures and different sports.

If you really want to urge creativity, one of the easiest birthday celebration ideas is to enlarge the size of a photo poster of a famous player. You will also cut out the faces so the kids can put their own faces on the faces to save great photo time (notes with many thank you notes would be much appreciated).

Autograph Balls

This is one of the easiest gift ideas for birthday celebrations. Choose a ball and have everyone at the party sign it as they arrive.

Sports Collage

Collect sports magazines and newspapers, give the kids scissors and glue, and have them cut out and paste their own sports collages.

Party Menu

Make your guests eager for them to attend a real sporting event. Choose between a menu of favorite stadium and stadium snacks, like hot dogs, soft pretzels dipped in various sauces, nacho taco stands and lemonade. For dessert, pair themed cakes or cupcakes with your choice of corn and candy. Guests will love the variety of food available here.


Use the sports theme of choice and play games outdoors, weather permitting you will also organize some tournament supported games. If your only option is indoors, here are some suggestions: jockey hat decorating (or jersey) stations, triangle flag decorating, foosball tournaments, indoor bowling, scavenger hunts or watching live games on TV and cheering for your favorite team! You can also organize some tournaments and support the game.


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