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In The Middle of The Worst Pandemic Artist Ace Lover Releases New Music

As The 2nd Wave Hits of The Coronavirus & people are getting ready to line up to get coronavirus vaccines , Artist Ace Lover Drops New Music. With most people spending more times indoors and on there devices, Recording Artist/Producer/Street Graffiti Contemporary Artist “AceLover” from New York City thought it would be a good time to release music because people will actually have a chance to sit down and vibe with it compared to the fast paced society that we were living in.

       AceLover is a highly respected successful historically significant Hip Hop/musical Recording artist, soulful producer & a very well known graffiti artist from New York.

      As a artist AceLover on the mic and his wits has been compared to some of the greats. Its like if someone put Slick Rick The Ruler, Rakim, Lord Finnesse, Big L, Kraftwerk, The Doors(Jim Morrison), Morrissey, Prince,

 MF Doom, Eminem, Romeo Santos, Nas,  JayZ, Ghostface, Raekwon, B Real(Cypress Hill), Depeche Mode, Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul all in a blender & then Ace Lover popped out. He has a very unique style.

      As a music producer he can hold his own as well. From chopping breaks and samples on the MPC1000 for traditional Hip Hop songs to full on 10-12 piece musical instrument ensembles for complex arrangements, intricate vocal arrangements  & composing on a high expert level of production.

      Ace Lovers fame and notoriety from doing graffiti in the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, & the Bronx have made him legendary on the art scene which enabled art gallery curators to charge breath taking amounts of money for “Ace Lover” oil paintings. To own an “Ace Lover” painting became the thing amongst wealthy elite art collectors.

      In the fashion world he has created so many trends in the street wear scene even inspiring many of the loyal Ace Lover worshippers to start following and emulating AceLovers fashion styles template. Mixing different vintage pieces from different eras to create his own instinctive style of dressing.

      Ace Lover has accomplished so much throughout his life as an artist & continues to create , getting even better and better as time goes by. A very well rounded artist with much to offer.

          The Essentials EP is a collage of songs of the last 12 years from the artist/producer Ace Lover that is able to be experienced like never before. His music is better served as a whole project rather than just a single here and there. I have heard songs in the past by the artist but when i listened through this whole project, as a complete body of work, this album,”The Essentials”, it helped me to properly experience who “Ace Lover” is as an artist and as a person. On this new project AceLover raps about a wide variety of topics from doing petty crimes Growing Up Poor In the Streets of New York to making a conscious effort to be more positive and conscious, rather 2 conflicting ideologies that somehow gels cohesively together well on this “Essentials” album. The  iconic New York artist Ace Lover shares stories about his experiences with love & romance on songs like “Near Me” & “All My Attention”. There is something very PURE and Raw about his music. Although it is contemporary music the soul of the music reminds me of hip hop music from the early early 80s around the inception of the Hip Hop days. It has a certain grit, authenticity, genuineness, , integrity, it has a classic vibe, a feeling of timelessness not seen very much in these digital modern times. Not necessarily aesthetics wise but the pureness before Hip Hop became a commercialized deadly competitive sport and solely a means to promote other brands. AceLovers music is pure traditional Hip Hop music at its core but it is mixed with a soulful twist, a creative artsy flair , the energy of the streets of new york & a dash of experimental indie styles.

         You can stream the new -Ace Lover – Essentials – album on Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud or you can buy the album directly off of the artist website.

         You can learn more about the artist/producer  “AceLover” on his website                          

         -Ace Lover is a well respected, influential, successful recording artist/producer/graffiti contemporary artist from New York.

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