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Introducing SIMP – Token for the Entertainment Industry

Cape Coral, Florida, 13 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, $SIMP, the no.1 token serving the entertainment industry, as a first mover in the current entertainment market, $SIMP provides a unique experience and platform stability for creators and consumers alike, reinstating the freedom to excite and entertain within a social setting without interference from outside institutions.

 The discriminatory practices of mainstream financial institutions present a great threat to creators and their income, through morality causes mentioned in their Terms of Services and fines for ill-defined reputational damages, they have effectively united to create a hindrance between creators and their consumers.


In 2019, PayPal- one of the biggest payment processing companies in the world, abruptly cut off their service to the massively popular, this effectively caused over 100,000 models and performers to remain without an income. There are several other payment processors that openly state through their acceptable-use policies that they are unwilling to conduct business with “Certain Industries”.


Major Institutions don’t entirely deny services, they prey upon content creators with an extortionate fee structure, increasing the costs for creators and third-party platform performers, often driving them out of business.

This has been evidenced very recently with AVN Having to shut down their content platform citing bank discrimination. 

 These types of predatory prices create roadblocks for independent performers and force them to work with big-name production companies. Larger third-party hosting sites like OnlyFans and PocketStars can afford to take the punches from these banks and give performers an outlet to release independent content, but such platforms are forced to charge higher commission rates in order to cover extra costs and unexpected penalties to keep their platforms running.

How is $SIMP different from these institutions? $SIMP operates on the blockchain thus providing anonymity to the transactions happening between the bank and content creators, this is realized by separating the bank and the content creator by a bridging $SIMP purchase which means that there is no perceived “Reputation Loss”, therefore reducing the fees drastically, additionally, the blockchain is naturally cheaper than the banking ledger system and thus reducing the transaction fees.


You sign up for a free trial with the intent to cancel the subscription before the first charge, but you forget about it until you see a payment deducted from your account, Many customers at this point opt to dispute the payment with their financial institution which then, pull the funds directly from the accounts of the subscription provider, in this case, the content creators. This is called a Friendly Fraud.

These incidents account for as much as 70 percent of the total fraud cases that happen online.

This is overcome by $SIMP as all the transactions are operated on the blockchain and the nature of blockchain technology is such that no $SIMP transaction can take place without the user expressly signing off on the transaction before it takes place, not only that, every transaction made in $SIMP is anonymous, even if a user uses their credit card to buy $SIMP, the only payment that will be recorded by a financial institution is the purchase made through the cryptocurrency exchange.

 Once the tokens are transferred into a DeFi wallet, say Metamask, they are no longer tracked to your personal information, making $SIMP the most reliable way for the users to enjoy content while fully protecting their right to privacy. 

$SIMP delivers what the entertainment industry desperately needs – a safe anonymous and secure payment method that enables the creators to earn a living on fair terms, and for fans to be able to enjoy their content without sacrificing their right to privacy.

$SIMP has been integrated with two functional content platforms: Pocketstars and Rockstars as an active payment method, with over 20,000 holders $SIMP is already listed on the Top-40 centralized crypto exchange- BitMart, which receives an average of $400 million in daily volume. In a short span of 8 weeks, $SIMP has accomplished huge milestones as well as partnerships with Slink: Your digital Business Card, Phreak, and last but not limited to XXXNifty which is the world’s largest adult NFT marketplace.


The Team behind $SIMP is a group of highly dedicated, talented, and skilled professionals that have plans ready to take this project to a $150 million value in market capitalization and beyond. The current team consists of:

 Ben Sansom: Ben has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate, sports, and entertainment, boasting a marketing career spanning over 8 years, with a current focus on supporting the founders to develop and launch explosive projects.

 James Hague: James is a qualified accountant with a background spanning numerous industries including Commodities, Gaming, and High-end Sportscars. James established a strong network in his career while working with some of the highest-performing McKinsey Consultants within Transformational departments.

Thomas Sileghem: Thomas has 7 years of experience in Web & Software Development apart from being involved in blockchain development for over 6 years, Thomas was responsible for building PocketStars & RocketStars and has taken charge of the integration of $SIMP onto both the platforms.

Poppy Evans: Poppy has a following of over 100,000 within the industry in just 2 years, she is incredibly passionate about securing the future of fellow creators and the industry. Poppy has worked with some of the biggest names in the United Kingdom. The rest of the team believes that her passion will drive $SIMP in the right direction for the community.


Increasing awareness of the brand potential and expanding list of use-cases through marketing, partnerships, and community outreach is one of the prime goals of the team at the moment, they understand that in order to cement themselves as a cornerstone of this industry they need to work with strong partners hence they continue to forge long-lasting partnerships by promoting mutual beneficiary alliances in order to instate $SIMP as the hallmark of reliability in the enterprise.

 A word from their current partners:

SLINK: “Many PocketStars content creators were already using the Slink Platform, so it only seemed like a natural progression to build and develop our partnership with $SIMP. For the future, deeper integrations between ourselves will see $SIMP being pushed to our mainstream users as a simple and reliable payment service”

 PHREAK: “We are delighted to be partnering with $SIMP, bringing more pleasure to a wider Phreak community. We’ve worked with PocketStars creators several times before, so it was important for us to support and help them with the amazing work they’re doing, but also important to how these guys see the world and how much they care about providing quality products and services.”

XXXNIFTY: “We’ve known Ben for some time now, and felt the time is now right to team up; after all, two heads are better than one. Partnering with $SIMP is a real show of force to our competitors, and allows us to both our knowledge bases, and exchange in technical capital to reach our goals. I can’t wait to unveil our plans”


 Continuously improving the payment processing solution simultaneously increasing $SIMP’s adoption rate by educating users/creators across the platforms will make this project a huge success in the entertainment industry, in addition to a strong head-start on their use-case cultivation, $SIMP possesses both capital and insider knowledge that is unmatched by any other in the industry.

 $Simp/USD toggle: Empowering the creators by implementing a sliding scale that splits earnings between USD and $SIMP at a percentage chosen by the creators.

 UI improvements: They are streamlining the website’s UI to make purchasing, depositing, staking, and moving $SIMP tokens as simple and intuitive as possible for the user.

 On-ramp: Allows the use of credit cards to purchase $SIMP directly and discretely through the user’s platform of choice.


With over 20,000 holders, $SIMP is now preparing to knock down the barrier between them and their potential buyers. It is difficult to purchase cryptocurrency in the DeFi space as it comes with a learning curve and understanding a set of different tools utilized in the process, this can be skipped by being listed on centralized exchanges, $SIMP is already listed on BitMart along with that the team is in the process of finalizing the details with 4 more centralized exchanges and aim to acquire new listing at least once a month.

 The ON-RAMP integration will enable people who don’t invest in crypto to buy their $SIMP using their credit cards directly from the native platform thus opening doors for waves of investors that the project wasn’t able to access before.


 The team has been cautious in maintaining an ethos of “Under-Promise and Over-Deliver”, Powered by their payment processor, and utilizing the experience and expertise from xxxNIFTY, $SIMP is developing a state of the art easy to use NFT marketplace, they aim to leverage the PocketStars brand to create NFTs tied to real-life creators, underpinned by collectability mechanics and gamification to drive truly unique value. They are also working on Metaverse compatible NFT skins and characters about which more will be heard in future updates.


 The token is subjected to a tax of 7.5% on every transaction out of which 3 percent goes to the marketing wallet, 4.5% percent to provide reflection rewards to the holders.


 Apart from rewards in reflections, $SIMP holders will be able to reap even greater rewards through staking their tokens, the team is working on developing a fully decentralized Staking UI. With staking $SIMP holders will be able to receive compound interest on their tokens by adding them to a staking pool as means of helping to facilitate block confirmation protocols.

Important Links:

Telegram :
Twitter: @letsallsimp
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Email : [email protected]

PR Contact – 

Dave Ruiz

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