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Joshua Mennie about excavation and construction: the great business
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Joshua Mennie about excavation and construction: the great business

When we mention you the previous title, what’s the first thing that pops up on your mind? It might be related to works made from and with earth, or perhaps it has to do with the work that Joshua Mennie team does to provide the best construction and excavation service.

With this in mind, and as a simple way of presenting you the bigger theme we are about to explain to you, we’re now going to answer you some simple and basic questions you might be doing to yourself in order to understand better what’s the deal with the link between excavation and construction. 

In today’s world, where everything is a big juicy business, these two campgrounds (excavation and construction) are not the exception, and that’s exactly what the Joshua Mennie team ensures: getting to any type of excavation, quality constructions, and many years of experience in both fields.

When we come to face the excavation and the construction area as two business areas, we can’t lose from focus that they are very important labors that can’t be done easily or superficially. They need to have supervision and expert workers in the field that can be able to respond to the demand. 

What is exactly excavation?

When we refer to “excavation” we’re discussing the great field of a process that contemplates the moving of earth, even including rock, sand, wood, or other types of material that comes originally from the nature. 

And as they’re too big and too much natural material to move just by using our hands, then we proceed with excavation to make things easier for everybody, which includes bigger tools, machines, equipment and explosives.

What does excavation include?

We want to show you a short and precise list of some of the included ways that are implemented in excavation as a way of making easier the work with earth:

  • Earthwork.
  • Trenching.
  • Tunneling.
  • Underground.
  • Wall shafts.

When is excavation used?

We should proceed with the excavation process by the moment we notice that we need any of the following works mentioned below:

  • For the exploration of big fields of land.
  • For any environmental restoration needed.
  • When we need to proceed with mining.
  • And/or when we’re about to start a construction process.

Excavation and construction: what do they have in common?

You might wonder: what do excavation and construction have in common? Well, it’s very simple! Whenever we’re about to begin with a construction project, we have to always consider the excavation labor.

Excavation work is imperative because it’s firstly used during almost the whole construction process of nearly every structure. For example, excavation is implemented for the foundation of houses and edifices building, as well as roadways, or to create reservoirs like lakes and pools.

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