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Rueben Wood Talks Creating SOM Talk Live

SOM Talk Live is the radio show/podcast hosted by celebrity journalist Rueben Wood. The show dives into the entertainment and business industries giving in-depth looks at what some of the biggest names have in store, are currently working on, and more!

“I created SOM Talk Live as an outlet for the creatives trying to gain more exposure without the pressing questions and antics. I want guests to feel like it’s a moment they can be themselves without having to be on their toes and feel pressured to say something. I’ve even been told at times I’m too lax for the guests and have given dry interviews due to my non-prying questions at times, when others asked everything they could think of.”

Fubu Radio is adding the Atlanta based Media personality’s show to the NYC market every Saturday at 1pm. Rueben Wood has been in the music and entertainment industry for 10 years starting out in 2010 as a journalist and hip hop enthusiast.

SOM Talk Live is an Entertainment and Business podcast which focuses on a variety of topics on the iHeart Radio Platform. SOM Talk Live got its first full concept when the host, Rueben Wood, begin his journey into media in 2016. What took over a year to create started in 2017 when the SOM family released its first broadcasted episode on iHeart Radio.

Check out the show here:

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