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“The PCR is back!” Lorenzo De Donato announces the rebirth of the party after 4 years of inactivity

After 4 years of inactivity, due to work (as announced by the CEO Lorenzo De Donato), the political party of the “bull” is back active. But there is a change in the symbol of the party now a star that symbolizes “rebirth”.

The party president foresees new projects such as humanitarian aid, aid to businesses and small entrepreneurs and education.

“After years of absence I am ready to get back into the game. I know it will be difficult because of the job, while 4 years ago I was studying, now I have two multinationals to carry on. It will be a ping pong of responsibility.”

And goes on…

“I can’t make a difference… but we can be the difference!”
Pres. Lorenzo De Donato

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