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Tips For Switching Careers

Being aware of the things you like and what you can do best will help in changing careers. So, make a list of all these things and in most cases, they will be the same things. Don’t immediately start thinking about what kinds of jobs you can go into but focus more on your own personal interests and talents.

In order to list all of the things you enjoy doing, you should think about the things that you tell other people to describe your likes and dislikes. For example, if you tell your friends that you enjoy bird watching, then be sure to add that to your list.

Next, you should list all of the skills and talents that are necessary for all of the things on your list. For example, since you enjoy bird watching then related skills would include attention to detail and patience.

In the next step, you should create another list that includes all of your experience and training. If you have ever volunteered, be sure to add that as well to your list. If you’ve taken any classes, even strange classes, be sure to add them. An apprenticeship can be a great option when changing your career, read more from Travis Perkins.

Now that you have lists of all of your interests, skills and experience, you can now start thinking about suitable jobs that would make good use of your skill set and talents.

If you can’t think of many on your own, use the internet. You should look at jobs based on the particular skills and experience that you have.

Try to reduce your list of potential careers down a handful. You should keep adjusting your list according to the jobs that you think you’d really like and do well in. Then, narrow down the list to just one job and career.

Now that you have selected a new career, use the internet to learn even more about it.

You can even go to your local library and find information about the career.

You can also check your local government office to find out about any jobs available in your newly chosen career path and be sure to inquire about any training programs as well.

Try to meet and interview people who already have the job that you want. This will help you to learn more about the job itself and their personal thoughts on the career path. You can find out the skills that are most needed, what the day to day routine is like etc.

In the event that there is also a union, be sure to ask for additional information.

If you feel like you’re not sure about this new career, simply return to the previous steps and complete the exercise all over again. By doing this it will help you to find a career that you will not only enjoy but be successful in.

You should try to keep your old job if you can.

The truth is, the chances of being hired are much higher if you already have a job. You can start by getting into a lower level job within your newly chosen field and then learn more and advance over time.

Looking for additional training?

Be sure to check out the schools and colleges near you. If there is particular training you need to get for your new career path, be sure to enroll. You should try to do these classes while you’re still working and go to school during the evening, night or on weekends.

If there are no training programs or courses near you, be sure to talk to the HR departments of companies that hire for your new career. You should ask if they offer on the job training or even internships. Even though this isn’t an actual interview, be sure to pretend as though it is one. Always try to be professional, dress well and have a printed resume available.

You should also join any relevant professional organisations and unions. All you need to do is search on the internet or even check local groups.

Once you have the training and necessary skills, be sure to update your resume and start looking for a job in your newly chosen field.


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