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What do These Great Women have in Common

July 15, 2020

Susan Kohner

Susan Kohner

Well apart from being the most talented and wanted Sex Goddesses’ and talented actresses and songstress in their time most of these are mixed race, albeit Mixed race African American or Mixed race African Caribbean or even mixed heritage as it would be politically correct to say to today..

This would be defended or opinionated in the likes of Mari-lyn Monroe’s day, or Carol Channing days as then they would be classed as white not mixed race or mixed heritage or even black if they looked darker than a white person in that era, which by the standards of today is stepping into apartheid Categorisation….

Firstly let us take us back to the first and earliest female Os-car winner within the last century Vivien Leigh born Vivian Mary Hartley was a British stage and film actress. who won two Academy awards for best Actress for her

definitive performances as Scarlett ‘O’ Hara in notably Gone With the Wind (1939) and even more famous Blanche Dubois in the film version of A Street Car Named Desire (1951)…

As it would be today she is outright the first mixed race female to bag not one but two of the most precious best actress acting award in the American film industry two Oscars for Gone with the wind, and a street car named desire., now we come to Fredi Washington …. 

Fredi Washington

Fredi Washington

Fredi Washington born 23 December 1903, in Savannah, Georgia, United States became a great actress of the silver screen during the 1930’s and 1940’s and a contributor to black presence within the film in-dustry.

Miss  Washington was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and in 1979, received the CIR- CA Award for lifetime achievement in the performing arts having achieved great status through out her years in the film industry being one of the pioneers for black women and men alike of her era..

The next on this story is of course one of the most biggest sex goddess of all time Marylyn Monroe…

More controversial in this article is the great Marylyn Monroe although no one can put any accurate information of her being mixed race or mixed heritage for the time as she was a great performing actress, song-stress, producer and entrepreneur, well most controversial to all parts which in the film industry is the one who actually achieved the earliest title of a sex Goddess and had controversial story’s in her life from marriage to politics, to her finalised death. now it has always been the controversial subject of Marilyn Monroe’s up bringing and descent as Marilyn Monroe was never a blonde although she acted in one of the greatest films that depicted that very subject gentlemen prefer blondes….

 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Although there is not any positive research or any mentioning of Marylyn being mixed race or mixed heritage, as Marilyn’s natural hair colour was brunette not blonde, she adopted her un-natural hair Colour, when she was bidding for her claim for Hollywood stardom which in some extent worked, but her life was filled with scandal and tragedy.

Miss Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California, Monroe was named Norma Jeane Mortenson at birth (later baptized as Norma Jeane Baker in later life which by rights took her first stepfathers name ). Monroe spent much of her time in foster care and in an orphanage.

These were the times that left things open for a wider scope of her ancestry life although it is documented that she was born in Los Angeles, at seven years old, Miss Marilyn Monroe returned to a life in foster homes, where she sadly endured sexual assault on several occasions….

Y’ know something, I really do not why back in the day people changed their names, but I feel it must have been the fashion back then but Stucker seems a perfectly fine surname to me, still Miss Chaining had won many awards and to her credits was in the Original Broad-way version of Hello Dolly, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Vamp and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Broadway) including her Tony award 1961, Golden Globe 1968, Oliver Award 1979, Grammy 1991, amongst many others, now that is something that makes me proud to be Black ….

Carol Channing

Carol Channing

She later stated that“I was raped when I was 11 years old ” by the age of 15 she had dropped out of school, her Bio-logical father was penned in to be Charles Stanley Gifford who she never knew and her stepfather at that time was Martin Edward Mortensen who was Miss Monroe’s mother’s second husband and written on her birth certificate as her father due to the her biological Grandfather the trail of family records for her found dates back to Mexico, to the American Civil War, and early Indiana Pioneers as the mixed race part of Miss Marylyn Monroe‘s Grandparents Otis Elmer Monroe had died when her mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe, was just seven and her Grandmother died when Marilyn was just 1 years old…

They were Latina (by rights Mexican ) that came to America namely her Grandfather, Otis Elmore Monroe obviously gave her infamous maiden name so Miss Marilyn Monroe by today’s research is mixed race Latina.

Phew I told you, also with her fantastic film, singing and film directing career Clarke Cable had a fixation on Miss |Monroe as a father figure more so because of the lack of Biological fathers’ in her life but it is said that Clarke Cable sexually assaulted her on set but the truth of this will I am sure be left down on the Hollywood cutting room floor, wow that was hard work, phew I told you…

Anyway now Carol Channing is even more of an enigma to the Caucasian race in the in United states of America, as she naturally had blond air and was mixed race African – American she was a major actress to theatre and film Miss Channing..

Miss Channing was born in Seattle, Washington on January 31, 1921, the only child of Adelaide and George Channing.

Her father, who was born George Christian Stucker, who was African-American and changed his surname due to religious reasons before Carol’s birth, to Channing.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Next on the agenda Miss Susan Kohner born to parents Lupita Tova and Paul Kohner her father being Hungarian, her mother Mexican but Susan Kohner above all the actresses and songstresses I have Featured here, she was destined to be an actress as her father was the agent for some of the great female actors and actresses during the wartime era and beyond including Ingrid Bergman, Maurice Chevalier, Mar-lene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Liv Ullmann and the great film director John Houston and her father being the founder of the Paul Kohner Agency.

Miss Kohner went on to became an actress like her fathers employees and won a golden globe award ….

Moving on to one of our very modern mixed–race African Americans, her worth, is estimated to be worth 300 million USD, has sold over 200 million rec-ords worldwide, totalling three hundred and ninety two awards and nominations for various music and film awards. she is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, entrepreneur, and Philanthropist…

We are of course talking abut the incomparable and Multi-talented Mariah Carey, Miss Carey born in New York to Miss Patricia Carey formerly Hicky being Irish American and her father Alfred Roy Carey was from Afro-American Venezuelan her mother being Patricia Carey maiden name Hickey of Irish – American ancestry ….

Patricia Carey of course has contributed to her daughters nick name being known in the in-comparable music industry called the nightingale as her mother was none other than an operatic voice coach and a operatic star herself hence the high notes that her daughter can produce, that has contributed to her two hundred and twelve awards that she has received across the entrainment world …

Well, I have featured a few actresses, songstresses, Broadway stars and of course incomparable, Sex Goddesses,  well here comes another intelligent one, this is the child star that took Bill Cosby’s  televisions  show by storm one of his television show daughters. Denise

Huxtable ….

Denise Huxtable…

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet

A.k.a Lisa Michelle Bonet born November 16, 1967, the daughter of Arlene née Litman, a Caucasian Jewish music teacher and Allen Bonet an African American Opera singer from Texas.. Which seems strange their daughter not taking up opera singing or a musical career, but nonetheless took our hearts in the Cosby show, having been nominated for supporting actress many times in the cosby show having never won an award, the time came, in her debut film Angel Heart co-starring Robert Di Nero in 1988….

Miss Bonet then left the almighty Cosby show and went to the spin off of her college years starring herself, Jasmine Guy and Kardeem Hardison, this new found

project again principally written and created by Mr. William H Cosby ran for six series with NBC which then ran for one hundred and forty four       


However this was popularised with the appearance on the show of some African-American greats, including

Patti Labelle, Whoopi Goldberg (Jumping Jack flash), Billy Dee Williams (Star wars) En Vogue, Richard Rowntree, (Shaft) even Bill Cosby himself, after having won many awards, nominated countless times Miss Bonet has now turned to directing and producing, having fulfilled her acting ambitions..

Miss Bonet has now turned to film directing and producing Which from what I understand is going positively well..

Well last but not least a lady that by rights is not of mixed-race or Mixed parentage, but of mixed heritage by that I mean a mix of ancestry of two or more ones one country’s ..

In this case ancestry being of German-Jewish Ancesrety once again of course, I am talking of the one who is of one of the most infamous acting duos Mr Tony Curtis and Miss Janet Leigh of course Jamie lee Curtis, Miss Curtis came from German Grandparents who by rights.. Had more or less escaped from Germany in the first world war during the first Holocaust, Namely Emanuel Schwartz born 1901 January 26th & Helen Schwartz her Grandparents, her father the infamous Tony Curtis funnily enough fought in the second world war.

Miss Curtis obviously born from Miss Leigh & Mr Curtis only followed in their footsteps and continued her acting in her mothers infamous genre in horror..In doing so has been involved in the most famous Horror Genre Halloween franchise has contributed to her 14 won awards and 30 Nominations….

Wow that is it now, what do these great women have in common, they are of mixed race or heritage and have contributed to their chosen field, have become mega successful but I am saying all you bi racials, mixed race-African Caribbean or American and the like, be proud of your heritage don’t forget these great women suffered discrimination and great hardship to get to their chosen fields such as Marilyn Monroe so those people should not categorise us the way they as in their era but to the way we are today not taking us back to the dark ages or yester year, please the correct way we are…

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