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Alex Ojjeh Rehabbing at Beverly Hills Mansion Treatment Center

Jean Alexander Ottke, the private and elusive investor known as “Alex Ojjeh,” is serving 90 days on home confinement. Alex Ojjeh’s previously underhanded investment choices were expected to land him to prison but, as it turns out, he really isn’t going anywhere.


The 33-year-old investor is being treated within the confines of a private secure Beverly Hills mansion.  “Alex Ojjeh must stay here in rehab at the beginning of his sentence and then he will be confined,”


Nonetheless, he is still posting on social media, in Instagram stories he even released a photo of himself in front of his startup studio which has recently been removed from the account. We established his Twitter account has been deactivated the day of his sentencing decision.


Alex is allowed to run his company ANYWO, described in the business sector as logistics, transportation and distribution.


ANYWO Logistics split itself into two companies — one focused on its trucking and logistics operations the other Anywhereo, operational tech startup support and financing—


As for details of the trial Ojjeh, seated at the defense table arrived to each court appearance in a tailored suit, showed little emotion during the trial as many testified against their former boss.


Alex was depicted as a cunning criminal and a charmer who had traits of aggression, antisocial personality disorder, persistence in lying and deceitfulness to exploit others, using his charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or to close deals, was arrogant, and had a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated, using his dominance to control others. He likely intimidated or bribed people into closing deals.



“He has a very calm yet stone-cold demeanor about him that suggested he does not tolerate nonsense,” Frank (55) said Wednesday. “He’s a sharpshooter, ambitious and hot-tempered, but

can take nothing and turn it into something and that’s really the only thing he’s good at doing.”


Extensive questioning by the prosecution suggests that Alex had narcissistic traits related to his heightened dominance and behaviors which may have been caused by substance abuse. “I think he recognized people’s weakness and he took advantage of it,” David Said.


With help from his legal team, the judge was willing to allow him to serve his sentence at home, but not before sending him to a rehab center.


The decision was reportedly made due to health concerns and COVID 19.


Alex’s attorney told the media on Wednesday that the investor had been ill with the flu in January and was high risk. His attorney had added that, “With the support of his friends and family, he happily checked into rehab on Thursday.”


Though shaking substance abuse, being fined $10,000,000, and labeled corrupt is no easy feat, Alex can rest easy knowing he isn’t facing prison time.

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