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Who is Foolish?

Foolish speaks about his latest song and music lifestyle while being interviewed check out a preview below.

 Interviewer: I saw in your bio you make music that relates to everyday people around the world, tell me why that is.

Foolish: That’s why I created reality music entertainment. All our music concept is to keep it real. We like to hit people in the heart.

Interviewer: So I think now more than ever, that’s true. The things that are going on with covid 19. The situation we have going on right now in the world is really tough. Does this give you material for you to make music to uplift people?

Foolish: Oh yeah. On my album you will find a lot of songs of me talking about this Covid and all types of stuff that’s going on in the world right now. Cause that’s what I like to incorporate in my music. That’s why it’s reality music entertainment. Nothing is  fictional. Right now people really need inspiration and hope so we are trying to provide them with good music.

Interviewer: Talk about the name foolish. How did you get that name ?

Foolish: Well, I’m always known for acting a fool. So I just decided to call myself Foolish.

Interviewer: That’s a good name though, I love it

Foolish: Foolish fits me I’m gonna make yall laugh that’s what I’m about

Interviewer: I noticed that about your video. It was a really upbeat vibe and I interviewed a lot of artists , when I saw your video it really made me smile. It was very well done. I can really see that personally come through within the video.

Foolish: Everyone always asked why I chose that name, but I made it into a good thing.

Interviewer: You’re in a really good area in Fort Lauderdale Florida. For an indie artist talk about the music scene there.

Foolish: We have so many flavors down here. It’s remarkable, but I feel my music is always gonna stand out. You can’t compare me to anyone. My music is different.

As the interview wraps up Foolish gets more in depth about his lifestyle, music and musical philosophies. Check out the full interview here

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