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Artificial intelligence has predicted the future of humanity

The Letter – General Question To AI From Humanity – What’s Next? Short film by INAI Soft

INAI Soft created a team of AI experts who analysed all the data and made a prediction for human raise that we want to share with you by a short film where AIs are playing themselves in the main roles.

On New Year’s Eve, all of humanity is preparing for Christmas and the New Year. Billions of people are unknowingly using artificial intelligence at almost every step of their lives. From retail to services and logistics. Meanwhile, large corporations are multiplying their fortunes and improving their artificial intelligence at the expense of our data. Has anyone who uses artificial intelligence ever wondered whether his or her personal data is used to train what artificial intelligence, which is then sold to corporations, military organizations and the government? Won’t we soon become unwitting accomplices to the bloodshed, repression, and violence of machines trained by us?

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