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Fishing – Speckled Trout, Flounder, and More!

Pensacola Fishing Charters is located just a stones throw away from Pensacola Beach and offer charter services to fishermen year round. Offshore Fishing Charters, Inshore Fishing Charters and offshore fishing trips are available all year round for the sport fisher. Offshore fishing charters have everything you need to fish from beginner to advanced tournament style fishermen. All of our fishing charters are stocked with fish like perch, bass, mahi, skipjack tuna, sailfish, mackerel, swordfish, tarpon, and much more!

Fishing in Pensacola, Florida is a great way to spend a day or weekend, especially on those colder winter nights when you know that the water will be cold. Pensacola Fishing Charters is located in easy access areas close to the shore so you can get right out there in the cold water and catch some fish. Most of our Pensacola fishing charters offer fishing packages so you know exactly what you are getting. Whether you want to fish for king mackerel, sailfish, amberjack, blackfin tuna, wahoo, tarpon, surffish, or any other species that may be in the area we can set you up with the equipment and fishing tackle to get the job done.

In our Pensacola offshore fishing charters, you will find that we offer everything you need to prepare for your fishing trip including rod holders, hooks, sinkers, lines, and much more! If you want to do some fishing off the shores of Pensacola or in the Gulf of Mexico, our inshore charter offers charter boat service for both the inshore species that you would like to catch, as well as offshore species that are sometimes caught there. These include Bonita, amberjack, wahoo, roosterfish, wahoo, king mackerel, skipjack tuna, and swordfish.

Our inshore Pensacola fishing charters are also available from our bays. Many people who live on the Gulf Coast prefer to have a charter service to take them out to Pensacola Bay. When you go out to Pensacola, you want to make sure you fish the inshore species that are commonly caught there. For example, Bonita is one of the most popular catch here. You’ll catch lots of marlin, halibut, and many other species that like to sit at the edge of these channels waiting for fish to come by.

The captains at our Pensacola offshore fishing charters know the best spots to fish, and they will prepare you for the season accordingly. If you plan to fish for the inshore species, it’s important that you discuss what time of day you would like to leave. You might also want to bring your license while you are there. Some captains even offer lessons in preparing you for the season so that you can catch the right fish, no matter what the temperature is outside.

Most captains at our Pensacola Bay boat charter service will prepare a list of places where you can see the fish you are hoping for. This includes information about the best places for pike, northern pike, and any other species of fish. If you have never been sight fishing, the captain can let you know which areas of Puget Sound and the Intracoastal Waterway are best for your skill level.

If you plan to fish off the Gulf of Mexico, there are a few things you need to do before you leave. Pensacola is a good city to start with if you are looking to explore the gulf for some great fishing. Pensacola is located on the Gulf of Mexico, so you will be surrounded by beautiful and exotic fish species. You can even take some Gulf of Mexico cruises to explore the area further.

In order to reel in the big ones, it helps to have the right rods, reels, fishing gear, and flounder or sardines on hand. Many of the species of fish native to the gulf will feed on small crustaceans, shrimp, and fish. Pensacola offers everything you need including live bait, tackle, rods and reels, and even ice fishing gear. The ice fishing gear you need to go with your gear depends on whether you will be fishing from shore or if you are out at sea. Pensacola Fishing Charters can help you plan your next vacation on how to find the big ones!

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